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Air Duct Cleaning Pearland , TX

The air ducts in your home should provide you with a continuous supply of fresh, circulating, clean air. However, when air duct systems get clogged with debris, dust, or mold, it contaminates your indoor air, which can lead to worsened allergy or asthma symptoms and an inefficient HVAC system. Call KIWI Services to freshen up your home with an air duct cleaning in Pearland.

Pearland Air Duct Cleaning by Kiwi

As the air ducts in your home take in fresh air, they also take in dust, dirt, pollen, pollution, spores, insects and more. In addition, rodents and other vermin often seek shelter within your air ducts, bringing moisture, parasites, mold, mildew, and viruses along with them. An air duct cleaning is an important part of home maintenance and can improve the overall health of your family.

A Six-Step Air Duct Cleaning Process in Pearland

At KIWI, we use a thorough six-step process to ensure that your system is as clean and healthy as it can be, which consists of:

  1. A cleaning of the HVAC unit, cage, fan and all accessible parts.
  2. A removal and hand-wash of all vent covers.
  3. A vacuuming of each duct to remove all solid debris, dust and dirt.
  4. An application of our antimicrobial treatment to your entire system.
  5. A cleaning of the surrounding vent areas.
  6. A cleaning and/or replacing of all filters.

Best of all, our work is backed by KIWI’s Two-Year Air Duct Cleaning Guarantee. If you notice any mold regrowth in your HVAC system within two years, we will reapply our antimicrobial treatment at no charge to you. We care about your air. Call us today to schedule an air duct cleaning in Pearland!

Air Duct License # TACLBO15148E

Two Year Air Duct Cleaning Guarantee

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