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Rug Cleaning Pattison , TX

When you need fast, reliable service for the rugs in your house, Pattison rug cleaning team from KIWI is the place to call. We provide unequaled service, whether you have old area rugs, or heirloom-quality Oriental Rugs. Our professional Pattison Rug Cleaning experts have the equipment and expertise to do the job right.

Elite Oriental Rug Cleaning in Pattison

We never submerge you fine rugs in harsh detergents and water. Pattison Oriental rug cleaning only use the traditional Hand-Washing method to protect your rugs. Hand Weaving is an ancient tradition in many cultures, passed down through generations dating back to Biblical times. There are literally thousands of different weave patterns. In addition, the dyes used are organic, made from berries, plants, nuts and trees, with vibrant living colors that no synthetic can match. No two rugs are alike, each a separate work of art. That’s why our KIWI’s rug cleaning Pattison teams include a Senior Carpet Expert, to identify your rugs type and special needs, a Master Weaver, to identify and work on the weave patterns, and a Fringe, Surging and Binding Expert for detailing work. You can be assured that your precious rugs are in the best hands available.

Best Rug Cleaning Value For Pattison

KIWI’s rug cleaning Pattison teams identify and evaluate your rug, then sweep both sides clean. This is followed by a gentle hand-wash with the appropriate cleaning solution for your particular rug. Then KIWI’s rug cleaning Pattison teams deodorize it, and dry it FLAT to prevent color bleeding, stretching and migration. The final steps are intricate repair, detailing and restoration, if needed. You’ll want to hug your rug when we’re through.

Call us today for a free estimate and find out more about our rug cleaning services in Pattison, Texas.

Pattison Rug Cleaning Services

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