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Upholstery Cleaning Parker, TX

Getting and keeping your furniture clean is a good way to keep your home looking fresh and beautiful. Sometimes, our families and pets can make it hard to keep our upholstery and furniture as clean as it should be. Luckily there is KIWI Services to help bring your upholstery and furniture back to their original beauty!

Parker’s #1 Upholstery Cleaning Company

KIWI uses an effective but gentle method when cleaning your upholstery. We know how important it is to get your upholstery cleaned without inflicting any damage, which is why we make sure to delicately but thoroughly clean every piece of upholstery or furniture we clean. We also offer an ultraseal protectant to ensure that your upholstery and furniture stays clean longer.

Parker’s Most Trusted Upholstery Cleaning Company

KIWI not only sends out highly skilled technicians, but we also can pick up your furniture or upholstery and clean it on site. We also offer a 30-day clean guarantee for all of the upholstery work we do, so if you should run into any issues, KIWI will make it right as soon as possible. KIWI is committed to customer happiness, so anything you need, KIWI is happy to do it.

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KIWI Upholstery Cleaning
Parker, TX