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Rug Repair Orchard, TX

Here at KIWI Services our Orchard rug repair technicians are waiting to turn you lifeless and worn carpet into a thing of beauty! Our rug professionals at KIWI Orchard rug weaving have the expertise to repair rugs that are in any condition. We can provide other services as well such as oriental and Persian rug weaving, rug stretching

30 years of Experience in Rug Repair In Orchard

Our KIWI Services Orchard rug repair uses a wide variety of professionals that are experts at rug repair. Our rug repair experts at Orchard oriental rug weavers are all familiar with various rug weaves. As of today, there are over 64,000 types of rug weaves. Since 1987, Orchard rug weaving have been repairing rugs, and that makes our experts at KIWI Services some of the best around!

Our Orchard rug weaving team is composed of different members, namely, a binding specialist, a fringe surging specialist, a master weaver and a senior rug expert. These people will help make sure that the repair job matches as closely as possible the style and quality of your old carpet.

Be sure to call one of our rug repair representatives today to find out about our rug weaving and repairing services in Orchard, Texas so that our team will be able to help you turn you torn and gently-used carpet into the vibrant rug that once enhanced your home!

All Our Rug Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

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