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Upholstery Cleaning New Caney, TX

New Caney upholstery cleaning comes from KIWI, the company that provides effective and efficient cleaning solutions. Whether your upholstery looks dull or is stained with lipstick, cola, or ink, upholstery cleaning New Caney utilizes KIWI’s expert upholstery cleaning techniques that allow upholstery cleaners to clean virtually all fabrics, natural as well as synthetic. Our clients claim that their upholstery looks and feels cleaner and brighter after our professional upholstery cleaners and through with them.

First Class Upholstery Cleaning Team in New Caney

  • KIWI’s Upholstery cleaning New Caney team can add years of life to the fabric and can provide this cleaning on a regular basis for hygienic as well as aesthetic reasons.
  • The company also provides leather upholstery cleaning and adds years of life to it. The professional cleaners understand the needs of upholstery cleaning services in New Caney, Texas and assesses them before they start cleaning.
  • Drapes, usually gather a lot of dust, leaving the occupants of the home vulnerable to allergies. KIWI’s upholstery cleaning New Caney team can vacuum and clean the drapes as they hang.
  • To avoid difficult stains you can ask our cleaners for Ultra Seal, a product that will protect your upholstery.

KIWI Upholstery Cleaning
New Caney, TX