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Rug Cleaning Nevada, TX

KIWI Nevada rug cleaning division provides the professional services of expert rug cleaners who are well versed in the manner in which rugs that are created worldwide.Rug cleaning is an art, and needs the expertise of a professional. The KIWI rug cleaning Nevada team also includes a Senior Rug Expert, a Master Weaver for Full Restorations and a Fringe Surging and Binding Specialist. So whatever the cleaning and repair needs of your rugs, KIWI’s rug cleaning Nevada team can take care of them all.

High Quality Rug Cleaning Service in Nevada

  • KIWI rug cleaning Nevada team can clean store bought and homemade heirloom rugs with equal finesse.
  • Rugs are assessed for the quality of weave, type of thread used and colors and only then are they cleaned accordingly. Nevada Oriental rug cleaning requires special attention and care, our services provides the same.
  • Our rug cleaning services includes dusting both sides of the rugs and cleaning them gently by hand with a pH balanced citrus cleaner.

Rug cleaning services in Nevada, Texas by KIWI also offers ozone treatment that is capable of neutralizing odors and eliminating bacteria.

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KIWI Rug Cleaning
Nevada, TX