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Carpet Cleaning Nassau Bay, TX

KIWI Carpet Cleaning: Shine up Your Home

When the carpets are clean, your whole house seems to shine. So why wouldn’t you want this look all year round? You can by scheduling a KIWI Carpet Cleaning! Nassau Bay customers enjoy the 30 years of experience and affordable services that KIWI offers. And thanks to our KIWI Lover One–Year Carpet Cleaning Service, our carpet cleaning services can easily fit into your budget all year round.

A Carpet Cleaning that’s 100% Safe for Kids and Pets

KIWI’s carpet cleaning solution is made from completely natural ingredients, making it 100% safe for kids and pets. KIWI also only uses the dry carpet cleaning method, which dries in as little as 15 minutes and produces no wastewater. We promise that with KIWI you’ll never have to worry about soggy carpets or toxic chemicals again.

A Nassau Bay Carpet Cleaner that Makes Carpet Care Simple

Customers who spend $120 or more on their initial carpet cleaning automatically receive the warranty, which gives a full year of unlimited carpet cleanings for just $4 per room plus a $37 trip charge. With the KIWI warranty, you’ll never need to worry about pet stains, wine spills, or nail polish accidents. Carpet cleaning has never been so simple.

Schedule a carpet cleaning today in Nassau Bay by calling the Houston area KIWI Services Center and speaking to one of our home care representatives!

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