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Rug Repair Melissa, TX

Melissa rug repair experts at KIWI Services are standing by to provide exceptional rug repair, no matter how damaged your Melissa rug is. Our rug repair team will quickly and easy repair rugs that re damaged due to animals, everyday wear and tear, water, and more. Plus, our rug repair crew even comes fully equipped with several different experts that are prepared to patch your rug right up and leave you with a like-new product.

Skillful Rug Repair Technicians

Melissa rug weaving professionals consist of a Senior Rug Expert, Mast Weaver, Fringe Surging expert and a binding specialist. We have been working together since 1987, ensuring that all KIWI Services rug repair jobs are top-notched and long-lasting. Plus, we understand that there are more than 64,000 variations of rug weaves to choose from when attempting to repair your rug. That is why we invest in our technicians who are experts in their own specialties and include Melissa Oriental rug weavers. In order to be effective, it is important to repair your rug seamlessly, which means that you will need to employ a team of Melissa rug weaving experts that not only are familiar with these rug weaves, but can also provide the level of service that you diverse.

Our Melissa rug repair team will help you with Persian rug weaving, oriental rug repair, rug stretching and more. Call today for rug weaving and repairing services of Melissa, Texas to get your rug looking like new in just a short amount of time. We’re standing by to help!

KIWI’s melissa rug repair reviews

Melissa P. (Melissa, TX, 75454)
5 star rating
“I feel like KIWI really made sure that the job was done right.”

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