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Rug Cleaning Manvel, TX

Manvel Rug Cleaning is a service that our Company has been providing for 30 years! Our KIWI Services rug cleaning Manvel teams are fully trained to handle any repairs you may have on your oriental or area rugs. We understand that most rugs hold sentimental value and we understand that you want to make sure that whom ever has your rugs that they will treat them as if they are their rugs. Our Manvel Oriental rug cleaning will first test your rug using a color test to make sure none of the colors will bleed.

Exceptional rug cleaning Manvel service

Secondly KIWI Services rug cleaning Manvel professionals will then vacuum you rug with a commercial grade vacuum cleaned to remove all debris and dirt from the topside and the backside of the rug.

Thirdly, we will use our special formulated cleaner that will gently clean our rug while applying a soft citrus scent to the rug as well.

Exceptional Rug Cleaning in Manvel

The fourth step would be to dry the rugs by using commercial grade blowers to dry the rug in a timely manor. Once the rug is completely dry KIWI Services rug cleaning Manvel professionals will then wrap the rug in clear plastic and deliver the rug back to your home.

If you are in need of rug cleaning services in Manvel, Texas give KIWI a call!

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