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Wood Floor Cleaning Manor, TX

Manor wood floor cleaning should be done enlisting KIWI Services’ help as their workmanship will return the smoothness and shine with our Manor hardwood floor cleaning. When wood floors look dull and cleaning becomes more difficult, it is time to buff and/or wax your hardwood floors. KIWI’s Wood Floor Cleaning team provides custom-cleaning and waxing of hardwood floors.

30 years worth of Experience In The Field of Manor Wood Floor Cleaning

You can keep your floor clean by just vacuuming and light sweeping. Hardwood floors without polyurethane coatings require some deeper maintenance, depending on wear, every 1-6 years. With light buffing and waxing, your Manor hardwood floor cleaning can bring their luster back, and these are services KIWI provides. We have 30 years worth of experience in the field of Manor wood floor cleaning, and we know that a clean floor does provide a better indoor air quality in the home.

Call KIWI Services at Manor to let our professionals clean your hardwood floors and return their shine to them, which your whole family can enjoy! Call today for your wood floor cleaning in Manor, Texas.

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