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Rug Cleaning Lavon, TX

Lavon Rug Cleaning knows its rugs and will treat yours with TLC. With so many different types of rug available today it’s important you only let the experts at Rug Cleaning Lavon take care of yours.

First Class Rug Cleaning Team

There are not two rugs alike. We also do Lavon Oriental rug cleaning. Some rugs are hand crafted, hand dyed and hand woven. The dyes can be organic with the richness coming from plants and berries. So knowing how to treat that specific type of rug is essential. That is why we only hand clean rugs to ensure everything is possibly done to protect the dyes from bleeding and migrating.

Finest Rug Cleaning in Lavon

Our highly skilled rug professionals from KIWI, your rug cleaning services of Lavon, Texas, are with you from start to finish. The team who analyzes your rug is the same team that cleans it. Whether it is a severe or light staining or just a generally cleaning, Lavon Rug Cleaning does it all. Let the experts at Lavon Rug Cleaning take care of your rug cleaning needs.

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KIWI Rug Cleaning
Lavon, TX