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Rug Cleaning Lake Dallas, TX

Rug Cleaning Lake Dallas

Lake Dallas rug cleaning technicians from KIWI, your rug cleaning services of Lake Dallas, Texas, are the best around. We not only clean your rugs by hand, but we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, making KIWI Services the most unique and customer-friendly rug cleaning Lake Dallas company available.

7-Step Rug Cleaning Process

Our 7-step rug cleaning process has been one that we have been constantly improving and perfecting since our company began in 1987. That process begins with a complete inspection of your rug. We ensure that your dyes will not run together and that the fabric will withstand a complete rug cleaning. Next, we use a powerful vacuum to remove all dirt and dust from deep in the fibers of your rug. Finally, we will hand wash your rug, being careful to perform the deepest rug cleaning possible.

Call KIWI today to have a Lake Dallas rug cleaning team perform the most comprehensive and longest lasting rug cleaning service on your carpet – even Lake Dallas Oriental rug cleaning. We’re standing by to ensure that your rug is not only cleaner than it’s ever been, but if you need additional services on your rug, from KIWI Services, we’re proud to provide those too.

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