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Rug Cleaning Kennedale, TX

Kennedale Rug Cleaning

Kennedale Rug Cleaning The Kennedale rug cleaning team has been providing exceptional rug cleaning services of Kennedale, Texas to our Kennedale neighbors since 1987. Part of our rug cleaning service involves vacuuming your rugs. Another part involves inspecting your rugs. Yet each part comes together in one fantastic rug cleaning process that leaves your rugs looking, feeling, and smelling better than ever.

Finest rug cleaning service in Kennedale

The rug cleaning Kennedale team follows the KIWI 7-step process when we approach a rug cleaning project. First, we have to inspect the rug to ensure that we use the right methods and chemicals. We look for areas of wear and tear and also make sure that our process will not cause your colors to run. Next, we thoroughly vacuum the rug so that all of the dust and dirt is removed from deep down in the fibers. After, we hand wash and treat the rug, making sure to lift dirt and wear from the fibers of the rug. The finished product is a cleaner, better rug that you can be proud of.

Call KIWI today to learn more about our Kennedale Oriental rug cleaning and our padding replacement. Plus, you can learn about our complete rug repair services that will help to restore your favorite rugs.

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