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Rug Cleaning Keller, TX

Keller Rug Cleaning

Keller Rug Cleaning and Keller Oriental Rug Cleaning- You own an authentic, hand-made rug from India or China. But did you know that no two rugs-even made by the same rug weaver-are the same?

Perhaps you did.

Keller’s 7-Step Rug Cleaning Process

At KIWI, your rug cleaning services of Keller, Texas, we certainly did. Because, if you’re in the rug cleaning business, it’s important to know how a rug is made, where it was made, with what fiber it was made, and by whom. It’s this information that helps our expert rug cleaner determine the best way to clean your rug.

Keller’s Rug Cleaning Finest Company

Our professional rug cleaning Keller staff includes, a Senior Rug Expert, a Master Weaver for full restorations, and a Fringe Surging & Binding Specialist. They work together to assess your rug and decide how best to treat your rug. We hand-clean all rugs, never submerge them, and we customize our process to ensure your rug is never damaged. After the rug cleaning, your rug will come Area rug cleaned by KIWI proback to you looking as bright and beautiful as the first day you saw it.

Kiwi: hand-cleaning rugs since 1987.

KIWI’s keller rug cleaning reviews

Jeanne G. (Keller, TX, 76244)
5 star rating
“It was fantastic, far exceeded my expectations! Tech was amazing!”

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KIWI Rug Cleaning
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