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Wood Floor Cleaning Katy, TX

Your Wood Floor and Hardwood Floor Care Cleaning Specialists

When you say it, doesn’t if feel a little liking getting tucked in at night? They’re beautiful Sure.

Top Quality Of Wood Floor Cleaning Services

But there’s something about them that makes you think of home and apple pie in the oven. But when spills, dirt, grit and food start to find the grooves and corners, all those happy thoughts start to fade just like the luster of your hardwood.

It’s time for a good, deep hardwood floor cleaning followed by a good wax and buff. KIWI’s Wood Floor Cleaning team will custom-clean and wax your floors in no time. And because we know floors, we know we’ll need to spend extra time cleaning and waxing the kitchen and entryway. Then will give all the wood in your house a good once over.

Start enjoying gleaming floors again with KIWI’s Katy hardwood floor cleaning. And before you know it, you’ll be seeing clean, shiny wood floors and feeling cozy all over again. Call KIWI’s Hardwood Floor Cleaning team today at 713-595-0428 to schedule a professional hardwood floor cleaning appointment. Our representatives are excited to hear from you!

KIWI’s Katy’s Wood Floor Cleaning Reviews

5 star rating

“5 starI love KIWI carpet cleaning services. I have 3 dogs and the expert cleaners always get them looking fresh and clean. Also the 1 year warranty is a great value.”

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