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Rug Cleaning Hutto, TX

If you have any rugs in need of a good cleaning, talk to KIWI Rug Cleaning Hutto, your rug cleaning services in Hutto, Texas. We have 30 years of experience washing rugs by hand and maintaining the rug’s composition. Forget about traditional cleaning with a tub of soapy water, we carefully study the rug and determine what it will take to clean it properly, then carry out the proper procedure of cleaning by hand. Our expert rug cleaning team has a Senior Rug Expert, a Master Weaver for full restorations, and a Fringe Surging and Binding Specialist. We at rug cleaning Hutto take the care, cleaning and restoration of rugs very seriously. The rugs are brought to our studio and inspected for dyes and fiber evaluation first. Next, the rug is brushed on both sides to remove loose debris.

Finest Rug Cleaning in Hutto

Our cleaning is done by hand with special KIWI pH balanced cleaners and finished with our UltraSeal protection.

The rug is then dried flat, given one last sweep on both sides with our special brush then it is packaged for delivery back to you. Since many rugs are works of art, their owners need to rest assured that when they put their rug into our care, it will be well cared for and restored as promised.

KIWI’s hutto rug cleaning reviews

Pina D. (Hutto, TX, 78634)
5 star rating
“Rugs look great! I will continue to use KIWI in the future.”

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