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Rug Repair Humble, TX

In Humble Rug Repair (and Humble rug weaving) we understand the rugs in your home are very special to you. One was handed down from grandma, another one from your mom. Yes, you know they are old but they have been maintained extremely well over the years. Every so often it is time to get the rug repaired. Humble Rug Weaving KIWI can do it and you know it because they have done it before.

Oriental rugs repaired by a family friend Rug being repaired

You moved to Humble recently and the only concern you have is if KIWI has a presence in this town. Just a little bit of research, on the Internet of course, and guess what, KIWI rug weaving and repairing services in Humble, Texas pops up. You call KIWI and they come and repair your rugs. They also have Humble Oriental rug weavers, should you need them. Then you call mom and invite her over for a cup of tea. She is shocked, and proud, to see the excellent shape your rugs are in. She was also pleasantly surprised with your grandmother’s rug. She believes your grandmother would be proud too. KIWI has been proudly serving Houston, TX with our professional rug cleaning and repair services for over 30 years. Our years of experience make us able to offer rug repair and restoration to area rugs, persian rugs, antique rugs, and with our attention to detail, we can restore your rugs from years of wear and tear.

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