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Carpet Repair Humble, TX

In Humble, carpet repair is a service that KIWI, your carpet repair services of Humble, Texas is very familiar with. KIWI and Humble carpet repair (especially Humble Berber carpet repair) go hand in hand. We are right here in town to service your needs. After a long hard day at work, all you want to do is unwind. You get some tea and sit down to relax. You notice that the carpet has some areas that need some help. We will provide carpet stretching in your living room and any other room and we have the best carpet cleaners in the area.

The finest carpet repair crew in Humble

You need carpet repair. KIWI is local now in the Humble area and what a great company they are. As a company KIWI Services has 30 years of experience in handling people’s carpet repair needs. KIWI can come in and stretch your carpet that is just one of their many types of carpet repair techniques. Carpet repair needs may also include the need for hand weaving or patching.

Humble’s carpet patching Service

Contact a KIWI representative to schedule an appointment and we will check out your carpet repair needs. KIWI came to Humble just so we could be close to our customer base. We want to be your carpet repair neighbor.

KIWI’s humble carpet repair reviews

Ronnie F. (Humble, TX, 77396)
5 star rating
“It was wonderful. The technician was amazing and very thorough.”

Carpet Repair

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