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Rug Repair Huffman, TX

Top Quality Rug Repair Services in Huffman

In Huffman Rug Repair and Huffman rug weaving (even Huffman Oriental rug weavers) generally are not needed until a rug has aged. KIWI has seen it all with all the many years of experience, 30 years actually, that we have for rug repair. One of our best stories involved a youngster just learning to play golf decided to use the rugs because the threads were just high enough up to hold the tees upright. The youngster had no idea of the damage being done to the rug just by the tees alone. You guessed it right, and then came the golf swinging practice time. Golfing in the house, although some do have putting greens, is not generally recommended. The poor rug got thrashed. KIWI was called in and using a hand weaving methodology they were able to save the rug.

Contact KIWI, the rug weaving and repairing services in Huffman, Texas area and schedule an appointment anytime you have rugs that need to be repaired. It truly is an easy process that KIWI can offer as one of their many Huffman rug weaving services. Call KIWI today!

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Linda G. (Huffman, TX, 77396)
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“Love KIWI! Have used them for years.”

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