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Rug Cleaning Huffman, TX

Huffman Rug Cleaning – even tough Huffman Oriental rug cleaning — by KIWI can come to your rescue. Your kid just mowed the yard and it has been raining a lot recently. He forgets to sweep off the sidewalk. A few days go by and you come in through the back door, while he and others come in through the front door. You look down and realize there are all these little clumps of grass on many of your rugs. These little clumps are damp pieces of grass. Great, you pick them up and realize there are now grass stains in your rugs.

Experienced Rug Cleaning Technicians

Our company can come to your house and get your rugs cleaned for you. Rug cleaning Huffman is a specialty service provided for 30 years by KIWI, the rug cleaning services in Huffman, Texas. KIWI has proven rug cleaners that use proven rug cleaning Huffman solutions. Oriental rug cleaning is also one of KIWI’s specialties.

Calling KIWI can get your rugs looking fresh and new again, we also offer free Oriental rug delivery for all Huffman residents too! Give us a shout!

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