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Rug Repair Hockley, TX

In Hockley rug weaving and Hockley rug repair is a service that KIWI will provide– we take care of all types of rug repair, including Hockley Oriental rug weavers who can perform their magic on your fine Oriental rugs.

Trained Rug Repair Technicians

Your husband bought you this really cool rug. It is your favorite, even though you have several. Your son decided to move your coffee table and tore a rip in the rug by not lifting up one of the table legs. Don’t worry, KIWI has service professionals who will come to your home and will fix that rug repair for you. There are a few different ways to do rug repairs. It depends on the type of rug. Oriental rugs are no problem either. KIWI has professionals who know how to do Hockley rug weaving if that is necessary. Rugs are not only things that lay on the floor.

Rugs are a statement of your personality, your design, and your desires. KIWI will make sure that you can enjoy any rug in your house for as long as you like. Just remember when a worn out spot or torn spot happens, all you need to do for rug repair is to contact KIWI, your rug weaving and repairing services in Hockley, Texas.

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