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Rug Cleaning Hockley, TX

In Hockley Rug Cleaning by KIWI we specialize in all kinds of rug cleaning. Rug cleaning Hockley needs to be done about once a quarter.

If you wait much longer than that then there is way too much dirt and dust built up in your rugs. This can really make the lifetime of your rug to be greatly reduced. Dirt and dust damage and wear the threads of your rugs out. Oriental rugs are especially sensitive and may need monthly Hockley Oriental rug cleaning.

Professionals Specifically Trained with Cutting Edge Technologies

KIWI has a team of service professionals specifically trained with cutting edge technologies to ensure your rugs come out as clean as possible.

KIWI takes great pride in sometimes doing hand rug cleaning Hockley. This hand rug cleaning proves to get deep into the rugs leaving them dust and dirt free.

When you need to get rug cleaning done, call KIWI – we’re number one in rug cleaning services in Hockley Texas. We will be glad to service your rug cleaning needs.

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