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Carpet Repair Highlands, TX

In Highlands Carpet Repair can spell disaster if you don’t choose the right company for the job and we are here to tell you that KIWI is the right company to choose! So you have Berber carpet that needs carpet repair, contact KIWI and rest assured. We have 30 years in dealing with all types of carpet repair. A qualified service professional will come to your home and use KIWI’s specific methods to fix your carpet. Carpet stretching can make your carpet look like new again. You move your furniture around and realize that the pool table left a “dent” in your carpet. Each of the dining room chairs and table also left indentions.

30 years in Dealing With All Types of Carpet Repair

Carpet stretching can help to make these not look so indented. Other types of carpet repair done by KIWI includes taking care of Highlands Berber carpet repair. Call KIWI and let us, your carpet repair services of Highlands, Texas, help your carpets today. Once we stretch your carpets, we then trim the excess and tack everything back down again. We also move your furniture and then move it back. We can also handle fixing rips and tears. I’m here to tell all Highland residents KIWI is here to help you with all of your Highlands carpet repair needs!

Carpet Repair

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