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Water Damage Repair Highland Village, TX

24/7 Peace of Mind with Kiwi’s Water Damage Repair Company in Highland Village, TX
24/7 Water Damage Hotline: 972-354-0301
Highland Village Water Damage and Extraction Emergency Services
Water Damage Repair Services for Highland Village

Ready to help you 24/7, our water damage repair team is ready at a moment’s notice. Licensed, bonded and insured, our team can get you and your house back to life in no time. When water has poured down on you, Highland Village Water Damage Repair can take care of you with:

Our heavy-duty equipment dries your home quickly and safely. High-speed air blowers move air to industrial grade dehumidifiers that suck moisture out of the air. We’ll disinfect floors and walls to help prevent mold and bacterial growth. When you have a flooded home, Highland Village Water Damage Restoration will help you and your home get back to life.

Personalized Highland Village Flood Damage Repair

We’ll assess the water damage first thing when we arrive and create a personalize restoration plan. Our goal is to help you before, during and after your flood damage repair in Highland Village. During the cleanup process, we’ll help you recover by:

  • Storing personal belongings in our safe warehouse during the restoration
  • Extracting, drying, and disinfecting your home
  • Restoring your existing flooring Water Restoration

This means that on any carpet we clean you receive our one-year carpet cleaning guarantee. Carpet cleanings for $7 per room is the best way we can continue serving you after your flood.

Your Water Damage Restoration Team in Highland Village, TX

As stressful as a flood is, you can be sure of your choice of water damage restoration in Highland Village because we have 30 years of experience. For more peace of mind:

  • We’ll work with your insurance company for the billing of our services.
  • All of our water damage work comes with a one-year guarantee.
  • Our famous carpet cleaning warranty covers all carpets we clean.

We are committed to your satisfaction of our service, which is why we provide all of the guarantees and warranties. Ready to help 24/7, Kiwi’s Highland Village Water Damage Restoration is the only company that will keep serving you after your flood.

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