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Carpet Repair Haslet, TX

Haslet Carpet repair is now done by Kiwi! So you bought your carpet new and over time there have been rips, tears, or it pulls away from the wall. What a frustration that can be. Maybe it takes a few years before this process happens, but it will eventually.

You moved the furniture around and all of a sudden you notice your carpet needs some help. All you have to do is call KIWI. What about Berber carpet repair? Yes, KIWI also does Haslet Berber carpet repair.

30 years of Experience in Carpet Repair

With 30 years of experience, our carpet repair services in Haslet, Texas experts use proven ways to take care of your carpet repair needs. Sometimes all that is needed is carpet stretching. So you have a tight budget, KIWI can come out to your home in Haslet and provide you with a quote.

Professional carpet repair Service in Haslet

One thing is sure; Haslet carpet repair is much less costly than carpet replacement. Take care of your carpets over time and you will reduce the need to have to replace it.

KIWI’s haslet carpet repair reviews

Lisa W. (Haslet, TX, 76052)
5 star rating
“My carpets finally got cleaned thanks to KIWI.”

Carpet Repair

All Our Carpet Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

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