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Carpet Cleaning Haslet, TX

Obtain a Haslet carpet cleaner quote today from KIWI. Carpet cleaning services of Haslet, Texas, from KIWI, gives quotes to assist you with your Haslet carpet cleaning budget. You know you budget before buying a new carpet. Why not also include an annual carpet cleaning in that same budget.

Expert Carpet Cleaning Process in Haslet

KIWI services provide a 1 year Haslet carpet cleaner warranty so within your budget you can count on only paying $4.00 per room plus a minimal trip charge. You can also count on being able to get around your home with ease after we complete the carpet cleaning because we use a rapid drying agent in our carpet cleaning process. We will focus in on your heavy stains and high traffic areas with our expert carpet cleaning process. Our experts have 30 years of experience in the Haslet area, as your carpet cleaner in Haslet, TX.

When we come to your home, we will move all your furniture to do the cleaning and then we will move it back. We want your carpets to look like new again.

KIWI’s haslet carpet cleaning reviews

Alice C. (Haslet, TX, 76052)
5 star rating
“I LOVE the smell! I feel like I could eat off my carpet!”

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