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Wood Floor Cleaning Grapevine, TX

Grapevine Wood Floor Cleaning Experts Bring Beauty Back To Your Hardwood Floors.

Hardwood floor cleaning begins with maintenance to reduce the impact of wear and tear. Wear socks or slippers indoors. This will prevent scratching of the floors.

Experienced Wood Floor Cleaning Services

Whenever there’s a spill, wet or dry, make sure it’s picked up right away. Wet spills can warp your hard wood floors and dry spills can rub your finish right off your floor, like sandpaper.

Grapevine Wood Floor Cleaning Good for Allergies!

Hardwood floors are great for people with allergies – hardwood floor cleaning is easy and quick, minimizing stirring up of dust and pet hair allergens.

Grapevine wood floor cleaning is our business. We can identify the type of finish on your hardwood floor – which is important to know how best to clean your floor with our professional methods. We also do wood floor waxing when its appropriate to your wood floor finish.

Call KIWI Services today. We’re your wood floor cleaning services of Grapevine, Texas!

KIWI’s grapevine wood floor cleaning reviews

Heather C. (Grapevine, TX, 76051)
5 star rating
“The technician was friendly, helpful, and did a great job!”

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