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Tile and Grout Cleaning Galveston, TX

tile and grout cleaning

Are you tired of looking at discolored grout and faded tiles? KIWI’s tile and grout cleaning team of Galveston can restore the brightness back to your ceramic tile floors. One of the most popular additions to homes, ceramic tiles have become the preferred choice among many homeowners because of the enormous variety in color, shapes, sizes, and styles available.

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Ceramic Tile can last a lifetime

However, most ceramic tiles require daily if not weekly maintenance. Dirt particles accumulate quickly on ceramic tile surfaces, in between tiles, and on grout. Mixing in with oil, water, and grease, these particles toughen to form grime that is very difficult to remove. Even after hours of backbreaking work, you may find that grime does not come off and stubbornly persists on your ceramic tile surfaces.

Tile & Grout Cleaning with Special Equipment

In Galveston, tile and grout cleaning company KIWI Services employs special floor machines equipped with precise brushes and bonnets that can reach into small nooks and crannies. Our technicians apply our formulated tile and grout cleaners directly to surfaces and through steady abrasion, remove dirt particles from grout and tiles. Both ceramic tiles and grout immediately look brighter and cleaner. After a professional tile and grout cleaning service from KIWI, entire households look brighter because the clean tiles and grout often transform living spaces, making them more inviting and spacious. Give us a call to find out more about our tile and grout cleaning services.

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KIWI’s galveston tile & grout cleaning reviews

Tish M. (Galvesston, TX, 77551)
5 star rating
“It is nice & clean now & smells fresh! Tech was great! Thank you.”

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