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Carpet Repair Galveston, TX

Carpets receive a lot of wear and tear daily and over time, can become worn out and develop holes and tears. Whether your carpet has gaping holes, ripped fringes, or requires extensive Berber carpet repair, KIWI’s Galveston carpet repair crew can handle all of your needs.

Berber Carpet Repair Team

At KIWI, our professional carpet repair and Berber carpet repair team has 30 years of experience. We also offer a guarantee of service for an entire year to ensure your satisfaction. Call us now for a free carpet repair estimate and to learn more about our services in Houston.

Carpet repair services offered at KIWI range from carpet stretching and patching to replacing padding and tacking strips and addressing complex flood and water damage issues in San Antonio. Carpet repair services include:

  • Removal of stains from dyes, inks, makeup, food, liquids, and bleach
  • Matching carpet
  • Replacement of tack and padding strips
  • Addition of new carpet in threshold spaces
  • Repairing holes from burns, cigarette holes, and candles
  • Replacing melted carpet
  • Removing pet stains
  • Repairing holes from pet bites and tears
  • Fixing loose and bulging carpet seams
  • Removal of rust and other permanent stains
  • Removal of snags from carpets
  • Repairing carpets damaged by floods and other water damage

Galveston’s carpet stretching Certified technicians

As a full service company, KIWI can address any other repairs and service that you may need in your home, such as extensive water damage repairs in the case of flooding. Our water damage team is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


KIWI’s galveston carpet repair reviews

Tish M. (Galveston, TX, 77554)
5 star rating
“It is nice & clean now & smells fresh! Tech was great! Thank you!”

Carpet Repair

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