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Frisco, TX Carpet Cleaning

For superior carpet cleaning in Frisco, TX, turn to KIWI Services. With solutions and specials in a league of their own, KIWI Services provides the carpet cleaning experience that consumers and homeowners want. We offer innovative, eco-friendly carpet cleaning services plus superior guarantees and fast, friendly services to make your Frisco, TX carpet cleaning the smoothest it can be.

Unbeatable Guarantees

Each KIWI Services carpet cleaning service comes standard with a 30-day guarantee, plus the additional $4-per-room-warranty that has made us famous. Our 30-day, 100 percent clean guarantee means your KIWI Services specialist will come back and clean your carpet again within 30 days if you’re not satisfied. You’ll also get one year of unlimited recleanings at only $4 a room, plus a nominal trip charge.

Frisco Carpet Cleaning Teams at KIWI Services

KIWI’s carpet cleaning service also offers a number of other benefits. After we clean your carpets, they’ll dry in just 15-45 minutes (in most cases), helping you return to your busy life immediately. KIWI’s natural cleaners will leave your home with a fresh citrus scent and your carpet with a newer, softer texture. Pretreatment of stains is included in our affordable price and we offer carpet protectant to help keep the freshly cleaned look.

Don’t believe us? Check out what our customers are saying:

“[Kiwi] did a great job… a stain out the no one else has been able to get out. Will definitely use KIWI in the future!” – Zachary H. from Frisco, TX

You’ll also be glad to know that KIWI Services is a green company. Approved by the FDA, our all-natural carpet cleaner is 100 percent nontoxic. Call us at 972-354-0033 to get started.

Frisco Carpet Cleaning Reviews

KIWI’s Frisco Carpet Cleaning Reviews

5 star rating

“With lots of carpet, old pets, and small children their warranty is the way to go! I have used them for 3 years and keep going back! Once you find a tech you like then you can request them again so you know what to expect.”

Yvette A. (Frisco, TX, 75034)
5 star rating
“Great service, great technician, great experience! Love the one year warranty. Happy, returning customer!”

Judy Garber (Frisco, TX, 75035)
5 star rating “They were on time and got my carpets clean! I use them mainly because they carpets dry fast and their one year warranty is great! I call them back whenever my cars get dirty!”

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