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Rug Cleaning Fresno, TX

Fresno Rug Cleaning Services by KIWI is your solution to dirty, tired rugs. Dirt particles in rugs will cut the tight weave and damage your rug, shortening its life.

7-Steps Rug Cleaning Process

Our 7-step rug cleaning process covers every aspect of rug cleaning and repair. And our rug cleaners know their business. Your rugs are never washed in vats of liquid. They get an old-fashioned hand cleaning – of both sides – by rug cleaning Fresno technicians who know their trade – from spot cleaning to fringe repair or reweaving tears.

We pre-test the colors to make sure there’s no color bleeding. We special treat for odors.

Fresno Rug Cleaning by KIWI cleans the following types of rugs:

– Oriental Rug Cleaning
– Dhurry Rug Cleaning
Area Rug Cleaning
Persian Rug Cleaning
– Berber Rug Cleaning
– Olefin Rug Cleaning
– Chinese Rug Cleaning
– Pakistani Rug Cleaning
– Indian Rug Cleaning
– Egyptian Rug Cleaning

If your rug is not listed here, please call for a professional rug cleaning assessment. We’re your rug cleaners. Call KIWI today to schedule your rug cleaning services in Fresno, Texas!

KIWI’s fresno rug cleaning reviews

Perpetual A. (Fresno, TX, 77545)
5 star rating
“It was awesome. KIWI does a great job!”

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