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Rug Repair Farmersville, TX

One of the easiest and stylish ways to change the look of a room is adding a rug to the décor. Rugs are the ultimate piece to tying a beautiful room together, but because they lie on our floors, they can also come under daily wear and tear as well as more severe damages. KIWI Services in Farmersville has spent 30 years repairing rugs back to their original state. If your rugs need repairing, then KIWI is the perfect company for you!

Farmersville #1 Rug Repair Company

KIWI continues to set the industry standard for rug repairs in Farmersville. With a senior rug expert, a master rug weaver, and a fringe surging and binding specialist, KIWI’s excellent rug repair services are no wonder. We offer free pickup and delivery on all the rugs we work on. KIWI’s rug repair experts have a wide-ranging knowledge on all kinds of rugs. Here are just a few of the rugs we can repair:
• Chinese Rugs
• Pakistani Rugs
• Indian Rugs
• Egyptian Rugs
• Dhurry Rugs
• Area Rugs
• Berber Rugs
• Olefin Rugs

Dedicated Rug Repairs in Farmersville

KIWI is dedicated to providing the best customer service in the area, which is why we provide a one-year rug repair guarantee on all the rugs we repair. If you should run into any issues, KIWI will offer a complimentary re-do at your earliest convenience. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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