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Air Duct Cleaning Farmersville, TX

Keeping your home well ventilated with professionally cleaned air ducts and HVAC system is the best way to ensure good air quality that helps alleviate allergies and asthma. KIWI Services is the most trusted air duct cleaning company in the Farmersville area, and with 30 years of experience, it’s no wonder why. If your home is in need of a professional air duct cleaning, look no further than KIWI!

#1 Air Duct Cleaning in Farmersville

KIWI Services has created an air duct cleaning system that enables us to get air ducts cleaned perfectly. KIWI has highly trained and skilled technicians, along with industry-leading air duct cleaning equipment, and cleaning techniques that are guaranteed to get your air ducts cleaned and flowing properly. KIWI can do a ducts only cleaning or a full system cleaning. The full system cleaning is a 6 step process consisting of the following steps:
1. We will clean the unit, squirrel cage, fan, and any other accessible air handling components.
2. We will remove and hand wash all vent covers.
3. We will vacuum individual ducts to remove dust, ash, and debris.
4. We will apply an antimicrobial treatment throughout the system to disinfect.
5. We will clean all surrounding vent areas.
6. We will reinstall vent covers.

Trusted Air Duct Cleaning

KIWI wants to make sure you are happy with your air duct cleaning experience, which is why we offer a two-year clean guarantee on all full system cleanings. If you experience any issues during this time, do not hesitate to give KIWI a call. We will come back out as soon as possible to provide a re-cleaning. Your happiness is our top priority.

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Two Year Air Duct Cleaning Guarantee

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