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Rug Repair Fairview , TX

Fairview Rug Weaving And Rug Repair From KIWI’s Oriental Rug Repairs Team

Fairview’s Top Rug Repair Company

There is something so aggravating about that expensive rug in the house that has the ends frayed and the splotches where the color has blend from one place to another.

That’s when it’s a great time to take the rug to KIWI’s Fairview Rug Weaving. We deal with all types of imported fine rugs and oriental rugs to basic area rugs to priceless heirlooms that are the centerpiece of your living area. Our company has an on-site Master Fairview Oriental rug Weaver, Fringe Surging and Binding Expert, and Senior Rug Expert to deal with just about any rug disaster you can bring in.

Choose KIWI and receive the best rug weaving and repair services in Fairview , Texas!

There are over 64,000 different variations in rug weaves; but no matter the damage in your rug we will return it to you looking like new.

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All Our Rug Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

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