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Rug Cleaning Elgin, TX

Your Elgin rug cleaning can seem like just another chore on your never-ending to-do list. But for the makers of your rug, cleaning is something to be taken seriously. Authentic oriental rugs, quality area rugs, and even well-made synthetic rugs are investments whose makers take extraordinary care in creating. Whether you need Elgin Oriental rug cleaning or simpler area rug cleanings, KIWI can help you. At KIWI, we believe they deserve extraordinary care in cleaning as well. That’s why our rug cleaning Elgin team only clean by hand, never by submerging rugs which can cause dyes to run. KIWI has been cleaning rugs by hand since 1987 and have perfected the art of restoring beauty while protecting your investment.

Cleaning Rugs by Hand since 1987

Our professional rug cleaning Elgin team includes a senior rug expert, a master weaver, and a fringe surging and binding specialist. Together, these careful craftsmen study the rugs to know their weave and fiber and then administer the most effective cleaning treatment without damaging the rugs splendor or value.

KIWI’s elgin rug cleaning reviews

Juan Z. (Elgin, TX, 78621)
5 star rating
The cleaning experience was great!”

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