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Rug Repair Devers, TX

Devers Rug Repair professionals at KIWI have decades of knowledge that go into every rug repair and restoration. KIWI has master weavers and fringe and binding specialists that work on every repair and restoration, tailoring their abilities to fit the needs of your unique rug. These weavers include Devers Oriental rug weavers. Heirloom and area rugs take a beating over time and can become torn and ripped and even acquire holes and snags. KIWI can help. We have experience with a large variety of rugs from around the world and can match almost any weave type. Our master weavers are trained to restore rugs to their original splendor and make them looking like new.

Elite Rug Repair Technicians

Our fringe specialists can not only clean and smooth fringes, but can also restore and repair fringes and bindings that may have become damaged or faded over time. The Devers rug weaving team at KIWI can take your rug and have it looking like new again! Call us for your rug weaving and repairing services of Devers, Texas!

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KIWI Rug Repair
Devers, TX