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Rug Cleaning Devers, TX

Devers Rug Cleaning at KIWI cleans all rugs by hand, removing the dust and debris that settles in your rugs from years of use. Pounds of dust and dirt accumulate in area rugs, dulling the texture and color of fine area rugs and damaging the fibers of expensive and imported pieces. KIWI takes great care in removing odors and stains from all area rugs, tailoring their services to meet the needs of the fiber and stain. Our rug cleaning Devers technicians clean all area rugs by hand and have fringe and binding specialists on hand to help with rug repair needs. Special dyes and techniques are used in creating fine rugs and KIWI is committed to minimizing bleeding or transfer of these dyes and will never submerge a rug in liquid. Our rug cleaning team can perform all kinds of rug cleaning including Devers Oriental rug cleaning.

Team of Expert Rug Cleaning in Devers

Our team of expert rug cleaning Devers weavers and cleaners is trained in identifying different rugs from a variety of origins and will tailor our services to meet the needs of the individual fine rug. Call us to find out more about our rug cleaning services of Devers, Texas!

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