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Carpet Repair Devers, TX

Devers Carpet Repair Crew at KIWI has knowledge and experience with a multitude of carpet repair needs. With 30 years of home service, KIWI professionals have what it takes to make your home and carpets look brand new! Our teams are skilled in a variety of repairs including:

  • Bulges, ripples, wavy, and loose carpet repair
  • Repairing snags, loose fibers, and damage caused by cat claws * Carpet replacement for burns from candles or cigarettes
  • Repairing exposed seams
  • Permanent stain removal
  • Water damage repair
  • Devers Berber carpet repair

30 years Experience in Carpet Repair

KIWI has a skilled service team who can even stretch the carpet to remove bulges and loose areas. We take great care in matching carpet in order to repair holes, permanent stains, or burns and will leave your rooms looking new! Beautiful carpets and rooms deserve the best in maintenance care to contact KIWI now to help with all your carpet repair services of Devers, Texas!

Carpet Repair

All Our Carpet Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

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