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Wood Floor Cleaning DeSoto, TX

Desoto Wood Floor Cleaning – KIWI provides all the care and maintenance you need to keep your wood floor looking great! Hardwood floors provide glowing ambiance and beauty to any home and increase the value of the property. Maintaining these floors can be difficult and, after time, they tend to become dull, scratched, discolored, and stained. KIWI recommends that, although homeowners can take steps to prevent against some of these problems, hardwood floors need professional Desoto wood floor cleaning every one to six years depending on the use, location, and damage control. Our service professionals have 30 years of experience and recommend preventing against damage before calling KIWI for buffing and waxing. KIWI suggests removing standing water and spills immediately

Excellent Wood Floor Cleaning Services in Desoto

We also recommend rugs in high traffic areas. But wood floors will get scratched from all sorts of activities, so call KIWI to schedule your Desoto hardwood floor cleaning today! KIWI offers wood floor cleaning services in Desoto, Texas that will leave you with gleaming, bright, clean hardwood floors.

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KIWI Wood Floor Cleaning
Desoto, TX