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Rug Repair DeSoto, TX

Desoto Rug Repair with KIWI means that your rugs can go from looking torn and tattered to looking bright, fluffy, and new! Our master weavers and binding specialists are trained and knowledgeable on thousands of weave and rug types. We have experience repairing and restoring rugs from around the world including:

  • Egyptian rugs
  • Indian rugs
  • Chinese rugs
  • Pakistani rugs

Elite Rug Repair Technicians in Desoto

Our Desoto rug weaving professionals fix tears, rips, snags and can even repair and replace faded and worn fringes. Let the professionals at KIWI take care of all your rug repair and restoration needs including your Desoto! Our technicians include Desoto Oriental rug weavers. We not only restore and repair costly imported and fine rugs, but also area rug types including Berber, Olefin, and Dhurry. The Desoto rug weaving professionals at KIWI understand the decades of knowledge and craftsmanship that go into each imported rug and tailor their services to fit the needs of each one. Call KIWI now for your rug weaving and repairing services of Desoto, Texas and restore the look and feel of your rug!

All Our Rug Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

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KIWI Rug Repair
Desoto, TX