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Rug Cleaning DeSoto, TX

Desoto Rug Cleaning professionals at KIWI understand that, whether your rug is a sentimental family heirloom or an expensive imported piece, area rugs require special care and cleaning in order to maintain their look and feel within the home. KIWI’s rug cleaning Desoto professionals specialize in cleaning all rugs by hand and will never subject your rugs to large vats of liquid. We know that the knowledge and craftsmanship that goes into creating rugs is an art form passed down through generations and we take pride in cleaning your rugs in order to preserve their quality and texture. KIWI professionals are well versed in Desoto Oriental rug cleaning. KIWI prides itself on minimizing dye bleeding since special natural and vegetable based dyes are used in making fine and Oriental rugs and we know the importance of maintaining the integrity of these dyes.

First Class Rug Cleaning Team in Desoto

KIWI’s rug cleaning Desoto professionals also understand the different fibers and techniques that are unique to each region of origin and tailor our rug cleaning to meet your needs. Come to KIWI for all of your rug cleaning services in Desoto, Texas!

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Desoto, TX