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Rug Cleaning Dayton, TX

Professional rug cleaning is a vital part of keeping your rug looking amazing longer. Because rugs are so important to us and our homes, it is important to choose a reliable and quality rug cleaning company to meet your needs. KIWI has 30 years of experience providing excellent and specialized rug cleaning to Dayton, making us the most trusted rug cleaning company in the area.

Best Rug Cleaning in Dayton

KIWI knows the value of your rug, which is why we work hard to make sure your rugs look fantastic. KIWI has a team consisting of a senior rug expert, a master rug weaver, and a fringe surging and binding specialist and highly skilled and trained rug cleaning technicians. Our team is the best in the area and they have put smiles on the faces of numerous Dayton customers. With our hand washing technique that not only gets your rugs spotlessly cleaned but also prevents dye-bleeding that comes from submerging rugs in vats of harsh chemicals. KIWI is dedicated to providing you and your rug with the most effective and delicate cleaning in the industry.

Reliable Rug Cleaning in Dayton

KIWI is a customer first company meaning we will always put you and your needs first. Because of our “customer first” principle, KIWI provides a 30 day clean guarantee on all of our rug cleanings. If you run into any issues, give KIWI a call and we will be back out right away to offer a complimentary re-cleaning. KIWI also offers free pickup and delivery on all of the rugs we service.

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