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Rug Repair Dalworthington Gardens, TX

Dalworthington Gardens rug repair experts are serious about the service that we provide to our customers. Our rug repair technicians will take your tired, worn-out or badly tattered rugs and clean or repair them in no time – no matter what condition they are in.

28+ Years of Experience in Rug Repair

Dalworthington Gardens rug weaving technicians have been repairing a wide variety of rugs since 1987. Our Dalworthington Gardens rug weaving team provides exceptionally detailed and personal service to each of our many clients. We understand that there are over 64,000 variations of rug weaves and that in order o effectively and seamlessly repair a rug, it is important for us to match the existing rug weave.

That’s why KIWI Services employs a variety of rug repair experts in order to ensure that we provide exceptional service and the highest quality rug repair possible. Our team comprises Dalworthington Gardens Oriental rug weavers. We have a senior rug expert on hand to provide advice and insight. We have a master weaver who understands what it takes for a comprehensive full restoration of your rug, and we have fringe surging and binding specialists who can ensure that your rug weaving and repairing services of Dalworthington Gardens, Texas is completed with the edges tightly sealed. Call today to find out how KIWI Services Dalworthington Gardens rug weaving experts can repair your favorite rug.

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