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Kiwi carpet cleaning services reviews for Dallas

kiwi carpet cleaning reviews dallas

Renee L. (Dallas, TX)
5 star rating
“Good service from Kiwi rep. I was pleased with overall job and will use Kiwi again for my carpet cleaning needs!”

Jamie W. (Dallas, TX)
5 star rating
“I totally dig the services I get with kiwi! My carpets look great, and if there’s every a problem, they jump right on fixing it! And the warranty? Totally love that. I’ve extended mine like 3 times or something bu now – that’s how much we love it. With a kiddo and two big dogs in our house, we’re grateful that they can keep up with our mess and keep things safe for our family!.”

Kirstin L. (Dallas, TX)
5 star rating
“I LOVE this company for the value they provide. If you want a great price for carpet cleaning, use Kiwi. I have a dog and three cats so my carpets always need to be cleaned. I can get them done twice a year for the price of one!”

Chris H. (Dallas, TX)
5 star rating
“I’ve used Kiwi before, so I called them again because they showed up when they said they would. The cleaning job was good. Their customer service people are very friendly. I haven’t had any trouble with them. I’m a real estate agent, so I use them frequently. I also refer others to them when they are looking for cleaning service with eco-friendly treatment.”

Anonymous (Dallas, TX)
5 star rating
“I had Kiwi come out during the summer months to clean the carpet in several rooms in my home. They were very professional and did a great job. I have kids and dogs, so we were looking for someone to clean our carpet. We were impressed, and will have them come back out for our carpet cleaning needs.”

Anonymous (Dallas, TX)
5 star rating
“I have been using Kiwi Services for many years. They are the best at their game! As a custom remodeler and home builder, these guy’s are the way to go! I have used them personally in my homes, along with my client’s homes. I totally love their warranty and the one year of discounted re-cleans you can get off that warranty. I switched to a competitor one time that led to a bad experience, and realized real fast that Kiwi was the only way. I highly recommend that you give them a try…your satisfaction is key to them and they will make you a believer of good service. I love the way my floors look after I have the crew out. They will be at my house later this week…nothing makes me feel better than having clean floors!”

Elizabeth E. (Dallas, TX)
5 star rating
“This will be my third time using Kiwi carpet cleaning services. The first time I saw a special that they had advertised and decided to give them a try. A very polite Kiwi service person came and cleaned my whole house (5 bedroom home) for a very very reasonable price! I was so impressed with the way my carpets and stairs looked I had them come back and clean my favorite lazy boy recliner and also repair and stretch my upstairs hallway carpet. After they were done, my recliner looked brand new and the carpet upstairs was beautiful once again. I have previously had my carpets cleaned over the years by other well named cleaners, but I have to say that Kiwi is the best. I have recommended them to all my friends and family!”

Anonymous (Dallas, TX)
5 star rating
“We have used Kiwi for several years and love them! The warranty is an excellent deal and it’s always easy to schedule an appointment that fits our busy schedule. With three kids and a large dog, our carpets get a lot of wear and tear. Kiwi offers a great way to keep our floors looking fresh!”

Laurie W. (Dallas, TX)
5 star rating
“I’ve used Kiwi for two years and appreciate the good service, the green products, and the reliability. I highly recommend this company.”

Jen P. (Dallas, TX)
5 star rating
“We had Kiwi out a few months ago and they did a GREAT job. Everything from setting up the appointment to the end of our appointment went smooth. Customer service is always so friendly and pleasant to talk to. Not to mention they have an awesome warranty program. After having family stay with us for a month we decided to get our carpets cleaned again. It was an easy decision since it will only be $7 per room! I would definitely recommend kiwi for any carpet cleaning services! ”

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