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Rug Repair Cypress, TX

Call now and let Cypress Rug Weavers help you restore your beautiful heirloom rugs to their original splendor. Our senior Cypress rug repair experts and master weavers have experience repairing rugs from all around the world. Among our staff are Cypress Oriental rug weavers who are well versed in different weaving patterns and have the greatest respect for the master craftsmanship that originates from around the world. Our Cypress rug weaving staff is dedicated to maintaining, repairing and restoring all these fine works of art and take pride in doing their very best to restore these heirlooms to their original quality. Our company has experience with all rugs from around the world and has helped repair tears, snags, holes and other unsightly blemishes that can decrease the quality and value of imported fine rugs.

Cypress Expert Rug Repair

We even have experience reweaving, repairing and restoring Olefin, Berber, and Dhurry rugs. Our Cypress rug weaving service professionals treat every rug as if it were a fine heirloom piece. Give us a call and let us repair and restore all your area rugs! Give KIWI a call to schedule your next rug weaving and repairing Rug being repairedservices of Cypress, Texas.

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