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Rug Cleaning Cypress, TX

Whether you have a fine Oriental or Persian rug, or a store-brand area rug, our Cypress rug cleaning services can meet all your needs. We understand that every rug can be a precious heirloom so we take great care in providing the best rug cleaning Cypress services for any rug, fine or otherwise. Our rug cleaning Cypress experts know the differences between different fibers and stains and take pride in maintaining the quality of delicate dyes in imported fine rugs. We clean all our rugs by hand and make sure that dyes do not bleed or migrate. We offer Cypress Oriental rug cleaning.

Terrific Rug Cleaning Results in Cypress

Our company respects and appreciates the long traditions that go into making some of these rugs and we pride ourselves on preserving the quality of these fine heirlooms. Our rug cleaning Cypress professionals can also clean and restore fringes, helping to maintain and restore your rug for years to come. Let our staff give the care your heirloom rugs deserve! Call KIWI to learn more about our rug cleaning services of Cypress, Texas!

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