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Carpet Cleaning Cypress, TX

Never again deal with cleaning your carpet yourself, just call Cypress Carpet Cleaners! We use a pH balanced carpet cleaner of Cypress, Texas. Our Cypress carpet cleaner smells of citrus and will leave your carpets smelling fresh and looking soft and fluffy without the usual nasty smell of harsh chemicals. Did you know our service professionals are trained in identifying fibers and stains? That way we can tailor all our Cypress carpet cleaning services and products to fit the needs of your carpet and lifestyle! Our work is backed by our 100% Clean Guarantee so there’s no worry in letting our professionals inspect, diagnose and clean your carpet.

Environmentally Friendly carpet cleaning

Take the work and worry out of cleaning your carpet. Don’t rent steamers or deal with soggy, smelly mess of wet carpets, just let our KIWI professionals offering carpet cleaning in Cypress, Texas do the work! Our cleaning even dries in as little as 15 minutes!

Cypress carpet cleaning customers have a lot to say about KIWI Carpet Cleaning!

5 star rating

“As always, first class service and first class results. It is such a pleasure to see the house look almost new again.”

Denise O. (Cypress, TX)
5 star rating
“The warranty is one of the main reasons I chose to go with KIWI. None of the other major companies offered any kind of warranty at all. Very happy with that extra perk.”

Gina V. (Cypress, TX) 5 star rating
“It gets better each time i ask for KIWI to come clean my carpets.”

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KIWI Carpet Cleaning
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