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Rug Repair Crosby, TX

Did you know that in Crosby Rug Weaving and Crosby Rug Repair is now provided by Kiwi? Our service specialists use a variety of methods including Crosby rug weaving to fix your rugs.

Trained Rug Repair Technicians in Crosby

So do you have Oriental rugs that need Crosby Oriental rug weavers or repair? No problem, call KIWI our company has 30 years of experience. Our Oriental rug repairs are done by experts in the field of rug repair. We, at your rug weaving and repairing services in Crosby, Texas, are your rug field pros! You moved the furniture and something caught on the edge of your favorite rug. You ripped it without meaning too.

Then you sat and looked at the rip wondering what to do. A co-worker had been talking just the other day about KIWI and how KIWI had fixed a rug and done a wonderful job.

OK, you thought, maybe I should call KIWI. They came out and fixed your favorite rug by using professional rug repair techniques. You then couldn’t wait to go back to work and thank that co-worker. Now you’re telling everyone in Crosby what a great job KIWI did on your rug repair!

KIWI’s crosby rug repair reviews

Vicky S. (Crosby, TX, 77532)
5 star rating
“It has always been wonderful!”

All Our Rug Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

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