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Carpet Repair Corinth, TX

Give Your Carpet a Facelift with KIWI’s Carpet Repair Company in Corinth, Texas

Save your beautiful carpets with a KIWI carpet repair in Corinth, Texas. We can get rid of unsightly carpet damage from everyday living. A carpet repair will rejuvenate your carpets look. No more hiding holes, stains and tears with KIWI Services.

KIWI’s Professional Carpet Repair Services for Corinth

Our services offer many types of repair such as:

General Repairs

  • Loose carpet seams
  • Carpet snag
  • Bleach stains
  • Melted carpet


  • Pet bites, holes, and tears
  • Cat claw holes and loose fibers
  • Burn holes from cigarettes and candle

Carpet Stretching

  • Ruffled carpet, wavy carpet, loose carpet
  • Carpet bulge
  • Carpet ripple

To see all of our services, visit our full carpet repair page.

Get Beautiful Berber with Corinth Berber Carpet Repair

Have beautiful carpets again with our professional team. We can even repair Berber carpet. Trust KIWI with your precious Berber because we’re fully licensed bonded and insured to give you the highest quality Berber carpet repair. Save money with a repair rather than replacing your entire carpet. You won’t even be able to tell where the damage was. Let KIWI take care of your carpet repairs.

Guaranteed Carpet Repair in Corinth

We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and peace of mind, which is why we offer a one-year guarantee on all of our carpet repair work. If there are any problems with our work within a year of the service, call us and we repair it at no cost to you. We know we can get your carpets beautiful again and ready for any occasion. Trust KIWI with all of your carpet repair needs.

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KIWI’s corinth carpet repair reviews

Vanessa M. (Corinth, TX, 76205)
5 star rating
“Everything was very good.”

Carpet Repair

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