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Rug Cleaning Colleyville, TX

What Is Rug Cleaning?

Before learning about rug cleaning you should know what are rugs? Rugs are just like carpets and are used to cover-up the floors.

Colleyville’s Expert Rug Cleaning

We at KIWI are familiar with the importance of knowing the rugs before we clean them. it is the most important aspect of our job. An important thing to keep in mind is that there are no two rugs identical to each other. Also, generally the most expensive heirlooms are hand made, hand dyed, and hand woven and generally dyes used are color extracted from plants, fruits, berries, nuts and other natural sources. So, it becomes obvious for us to know the specific type of rug which proves handy in hand cleaning rug. Thus, we are able to protect your rug dyes from bleeding and migrating to a great extent.

Awesome Rug Cleaning in Colleyville

As far as oriental rug is concerned, it is organized by its origin such as Central Asian rugs, Tibetan rugs, Persian rugs and East Turkistan rugs. So, at KIWI, our rug cleaning care experts take extra precautions while hand cleaning both sides of the fine rugs. Thus, you will undoubtedly get the most satisfactory service at KIWI.

KIWI’s colleyville rug cleaning reviews

Valerie S. (Colleyville, TX, 76034)
5 star rating
“I was extremely pleased with Brian. He was very professional, respectful and diligent about his work.”

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